Uploaded Image Guidelines

Images uploaded via the "Upload Custom Image" button on the stole designer application should follow these guidelines for best results. If we see that submitted artwork is unsuitable for embroidery, our team will reach out to you to update or change the artwork!

PNG, JPG, SVG, or PDF File Types are Supported

Tip: If using design software such as adobe products, make sure you export "selected only" while selecting just the design for a perfect crop. Don't export the page background.


Artwork Should be Cropped and Transparent

Make sure uploaded artwork is both cropped to the design as well as has a transparent background in order to get the most accurate preview possible while using the custom stole designer. We will automatically remove the background during our production process.


Overall Artwork Should be Square-ish in Shape

Shape matters! Due to the size limitations of a stole, custom images will be scaled down to 4 inches height or 4 inches width, whichever comes first. Designs with an overall square shape (or similar) will allow for the most surface area when embroidered.


Artwork Should have Solid Lines with Clear Color Seperation

Designs with uniform, bold lines while being able to clearly see where colors start and end work best with embroidery. Because our machines can only stitch one color at a time, artwork with gradients and shading do not embroider well. That means no pictures taken with a phone or hand sketches - digital artwork only, with vector files giving the best results.


High Resolution Works Best

Minimum 150 DPI for best results! Make sure the artwork is not super small or blurry and always upload the highest quality version of the artwork availible. Vector artwork is preferred over raster artwork but high quality rasers can work just fine.


No More than 10 Colors Used

We will contact you if your uploaded design exceeds 10 colors!


Tiny Details and Text May be Omitted

Details that, when embroidered, are less than .15 inches may not be legible embroidered and will be omitted from the final design.

Not Sure if Your Artwork or Design is Suitable for Embroidery?